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Hummus has no regard for numbers. It is made with love, inner rhythm and practice in time and space. Inspect flavours regularly and listen to your heart when adjusting

The hummus data in this page provided ‘as is’. It is not professional culinary advice and the author shall not be held liable for damages resulting from failing to arrive at the desired consistency, flavour and / or acidity levels of the hummus. However, if you ask nicely we may be able to workshop it together. 

Rough recipe  

  • Dry Chickpeas – 375g (standard woollies bag used for this recipe – do not get this. The market usually has better quality stuff) Generally smaller grains is better. I’m not sure why.
  • After Cooking and draining – 895g 

Ingredients for apporx 1kg of hummus and some leftover chickpeas for garnish 

  • Locally sourced dry chickpeas (500g after cooking) 
  • Tahini Paste – approx. 300g 
  • Chickpea cooking water – approx. 200g (according to tahini consistency) 
  • Lemons – juice of 1.5 lemons 
  • Salt – 1 Tablespoon (according to flavour) 
  • Cumin – 1 Teaspoon (according to flavour) 
  • Garlic – 2-3 cloves (according to flavour – quarters in blender or pressed) 
  • Parsley – 1 tablespoon (chopped) 
  • Bicarb soda – 0.25 teaspoon 
  • Olive Oil – tablespoon 


  • Large bowl (glass, plastic, or ceramic. No metals) 
  • Stovetop, Food processor with a 1.7kg drum (I use Megimix mini plus) 
  • Pot with a lid – stainless steel – No aluminium as it reacts with the Bicarb soda and makes the hummus taste metallic 
  • Kettle 

Step 1 (16-24 hours) 

  • Wash chickpeas thoroughly under cold water and drain. 
  • Transfer into a large bowl, cover with water and mix in 0.25 teaspoon of bicarb soda. 
  • Cover and leave in the fridge to soak for 16-24 hours. Check occasionally and add water if needed, if absorbed. 

Step 2 (2-3 hours) 

  • Cook soaked chickpeas in large pot, along with the soaking water, for approx. 60 minutes and reduce flame when water boils to simmer. 
  • Remove bicarb residue from the top with a spoon 
  • Boil fresh water in a kettle 
  • Remove chickpeas and drain. Do not wash chickpeas 
  • Return chickpeas to pot and cover with hot water. Continue cooking for additional 1 hour. 
  • After cooking (total 1.5-2.5 hours) chickpeas should be soft (the amount of bicarb significantly effects the cooking time). To check, remove a few chickpeas, let cool and softly press a chickpea between fingers. If easily squashed, turn the off the stove. 
  • Drain cooking water into a separate container and allow to cool 
  • Drain chickpeas into separate bowl and allow to cool 
  • Place both containers in fridge for a few hours or for the night (maximum 12 hours) 
  • Do not process hot or warm chickpeas 
  • (optional) – Once chilled, peel chickpeas for a smoother hummus texture (Hummusologists are divided about this step and some say it is a waste of time. to them I say, when you are in love, you want time to go slower).

Step 3 (30 minutes) 

  • Place about 500g of cooked chickpeas into the food processor along with 200g of the cooking water 
  • Process until rough paste appears 
  • Add 200g of tahini paste, salt, lemon, cumin, parsley, dash of olive oil, garlic and process until smooth 
  • Taste and add salt/lemon/cumin/tahini or water to finesse flavour and consistency 
Light breakfast hummus with egg and fresh veggies

Serving suggestions – The only limit is your imagination…

Fresh hummus is best eaten warm. Fry some of the remaining chickpeas in a pan with olive oil, garlic sumac / chilli / cumin / salt and pepper, lemon, and tahini. 

Fried Mushrooms, fava beans, fried onion and roasted nuts also work as a warm addition. 

Sprinkle options: Zaatar, Sumac, Paprika, Pine Nuts, Chopped fresh green chillies 

Hard boiled egg is also a popular companion along with large cuts of fresh veggies to dip (Tomato, carrot, capsicum, celery, cucumber) 

Finish it up by drowning it in good olive oil and a squirt of lemon. 

Get creative. 

Scrambled egg hummus with garden herbs. side of pickles and chilli paste
omelette hummus with mushrooms, herbs and side of green tahini, avo and cucumber
Hummus with Shakshuka

This is a winner. I wrote about how to make shakshuka here

Fried fava beans, pickles and labneh
Rainbow carrots
Steamed cauliflower, mixed with fried mushrooms and fava beans
Nothing fancy hummus

Wearing a robe and a panda hat, I recorded the process of making hummus in my small Melbourne apartment during the first lockdown – Urban Hummusologist washing his hands with increasing intensity during the four day journey of making the “Beige Gold” amid developing public health crisis. (2019, original music)

The best hummus places are hidden, the one in the video below is owned by friends in Israel. It is located in a suburban patrol station. They allowed me to film the behind the scenes of their opening routine. (2014, original music)

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