Shakshuka 4 5

Shakshuka with Tahini and bread

X10 eggs

X10 tomatoes

X6 garlic clove

X5 people

X4 fresh green hot chilli

X2 cans of crushed tomato

X1 loaf of great bread

X1 Fresh lemon

X1 Fresh bunch of parsley

X1 Tahini bowl (instructions below)

Paprika, Sumac, salt and pepper to taste

About half a litre of expertly crafted tahini-

mix approx 200g-250g of hulled tahini paste, gradually adding cold water, juice from a whole lemon, 2-4 cloves of garlic, plenty of salt and some chopped parsley.

Mix enthusiastically with a fork to a desired thickness (some schools of tahinologians prefer the thin and watery, some make it thick and aggressively delightful. It’s better thick.)

If too thin add tahini paste, if too thick add water.

To make Shakshuka:

1. invite some friends* and play some appropriate music at a non distracting sound pressure level.

*You know you’ve invited the right friends when they host themselves. You are just the platform. They talk and say things you think. You can just cook and listen. It blends with the music and the smell.

2. Forget to buy chilli and walk with a friend to the supermarket.

3. Chop the chillies and garlic and fry in pan until the smell starts to make you hungry.

4. Chuck all the tomatoes and spices in.

5. Bring to simmer and allow liquids to reduce (~10min)

6. Make little gaps in the sauce and break the eggs in.

7. Cover and let the eggs cook for another 5-10 minutes

8. Garnish with parsley.

9. Your friends can help themselves

10. Drink plenty of water.

Shakshuka 4 5

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