A hopeful Israeli immigrant to Australia bringing lame ideas, poor workmanship and emotional misjudgement to the local workforce. Plagued by disastrous love affairs, Oren integrated perfectly into the nation’s trajectory of learning important lessons from failed projects.

Experienced Technical Philosopher with a flair for Spiritual Engineering, specialising in identifying solutions, even if there are no problems at all”

Self described, 2020. Inspired by David Byrne’s Arboretum page 42 – Delicious Disasters

About The Website

Bor (bulgarin – бор) is a pine tree. The “cho” is added to the name by a wise elder.
Borcho is a virtual space on the Internet and a real space in my heart, which exists to present and curate my creative expression amongst other people.

This is a WordPress site for the sake of convenience. The original design and layout of the website was drawn in illustrator using a drawing tablet and the code was painstakingly written with the genius and mentorship of Julien de-Sainte-Croix.

The image of the child is a drawing of a picture of me taken by my mom in the early nineties. Animating it could not have been possible without the talent of Meytal Zilberman .

The code behind the pretty pictures is a language I set out to learn. It is difficult but it was worth it and I didn’t even scratch the surface. I used to maintain some social media accounts but the loudness of the advertising and the toxicity of the content pushed me towards investing more time and effort in forming social networks with people in my neighbourhood. People seem softer in the flesh then on the screen. Please let me know if I’m missing anything that will change my life forever. 

About You

You can like, hate, admire or desire me on the internet. You can send me an email or call. You can follow me on the street, although this is considered less polite. You can ignore all this, You can be, You are.

About the Terms and Conditions, Intellectual Property, Privacy, money, lawyers, responsibility, accountability, limitation of liability, expectations, disappointment, trust, failure, force majeure, dispute resolution, modes of remuneration, negotiable instruments, warranty, disclaimers, safety procedures, risk management plans, future prospects and growth:

All of the above. (See terms and conditions below for more)

1. Enjoy and distribute responsibly

2. Do not commercially exploit the work or use to harm

3. Be friendly

You can find more terms and conditions with the poems, in the Words section.

About the About Page

The about page is for people who fancy to increase their knowledge about stuff. It appears regularly in numerous Internet websites and books and it is often associated with the desire to gain further evidence about the personality, doings and/or the whereabouts of the publication’s contributors with the hope that by doing so, one will better understand and relate to the publication and, have deeper understanding about the true meaning of the author’s work. Reading the about section in any publication may contextualise and support the narrative. However, it will necessarily change the perspective of the reader, which may result in disappointment due to unsubstantiated expectation. The about page on this website is provided without guarantee and may change to adapt to new circumstances as required.

About Unicorns

Unicorns are mythical horse-like animals with a single pointed horn in the middle of their forehead. Some believe they are very intelligent and magical animals that can fly and fart fireworks. They feed from the fluff of the clouds and maintain balanced monogamous relationships with their chosen unicorn, raising their little unicorn families in the hidden valleys of the moon.

About thermal satisfaction

To what extant the general pleasantness and satisfaction increase upon an introduction of a distinguished air particle arrangement aka song, piece, track, chant and other names.

Good song = 0.73TSRu
“Perfect song” = 1TSRu
Bad song = 0.22TSRu
Sound of fast approaching bullet = 0TSRu

How do I measure it?

By detecting an increase in TSRu compared to the initial state. The area’s in subject temperature divided by the average body temperature of persons and animals in the above- conversation-level range (say over 70dBspl) from the source squared by the collective change of body temp in the duration of the particle rearrangement where 1 is blind happiness and zero is complete doubt in the future and general dissatisfaction.

What is the unit of measurement used to describe the amount of pleasantness applied to the existing air pressure?

Can be measured by TSRu (Thermal Satisfaction Reaction unit) on the affected area where 1 is blind happiness and zero is complete doubt and general dissatisfaction. The Loudness of Silence – the Pleasure in Noise.

About my Garden

Coming soon…