Uncertainty (Un-intuition)

When I don’t know
I am trying to calculate
I am trying to remember, imagine and guess
Recollecting and connecting visions with sounds
Smells with tastes
Studying the facts, measuring, observing
Assessing sensations of failure versus success
Desperately trying to recognise danger
Expecting disappointment
But hoping for the best
On every thought, decision or action
Pure chance argue with my gut
Sometimes they agree
It makes decisions feels right
It also kicks my confidence up
Which evokes the desire to board the ship of fate
And sail deep into the sea of uncertainty

General information and disclaimer

Borcho is a fictional author and poet who burns books at the barbershop in order to absorb arbitrary inspiration for whistling different songs. The poem and music in this publication were inspired by the unknown and the uncertainty of the poet about allegedly certain things. Any distribution or re-distribution of the poem and music is strictly prohibited except on sad days in order to encourage a positive atmosphere. All rights reserved to Alberto Lies Distribution Inc. (THE PUBLISHER) except the right to freedom which is reserved to any person under the condition that they do not engage in socially unacceptable behaviour. The reader may be inspired by the poetry and music in this publication in accordance with clause 5.12 of the spontaneous inspiration act in which it is stated that “no person shall receive inspiration whether spiritual, physical, literal, musical, nutritional or any other idea from another person who thought about the idea before them without signing an inspiration release form (attached) in the presence of a lawyer, magistrate, milkman, plumber and a magician. The recipient of the inspiration agrees not to use the inspiration in any way other than in accordance with the inspiration release agreement. Any unauthorised use may result in legal action. The maximum penalty for infringement of the inspiration release agreement is interference with the offender’s plumbing, cutting down the offender’s milk supply, insults by a public official and vanishing of all of the offender’s belongings by a magician.


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