The Office

The office of the slaughterhouse

Is the eye of the storm

Peaceful and calm

The office is air conditioned

With a sound system

The air conditioner keeps the stench away

Pre-recorded love song mask the cries of suffering

The paperwork is done in the office

From the office, the bullets are purchased and the killers are rostered

The more kill

The more business generated

Not enough kill?

Excess bullets sold to other slaughterhouses

Sometimes the meat try to retaliate

In such occasions, a risk mitigation plan kicks into action

It includes sedation with a nice meal, drugs, and moving images of freedom on TV

The killers

Some are proud

Some just doing their job

Some are profoundly ashamed

Those who resist

Become the meat

It is an unusual slaughterhouse

At first it was necessity

To cure hunger

Then it was for safety reasons

No one wanted to see meat trying to eat the killers

Now it’s in the name of growth

Factories, smart bombs and planes, cyber wars and nuclear submarines

The business of this slaughterhouse

Is not the meat

It is the violence

War is the loudest concert

Performed in the Theatre of Politics

The crowd is held captive

In a spectacle of violence and hate

They have seen this show before

They need each other to survive

The crew oils the machines

The cast is ready for this show to be their last

When the loudness of war disturbs the resting state of air

It’s best to not say much

Allow the noise pass

The disturbance will ripple through

And my body will ripple too

Music is meaningless if the cacophony has risen to the point that no one can hear you


For faint melodies of friendship

Expressions of compassion

A bird

When echos of war fade

If I’m lucky to survive

I’m left with a friendly compassionate bird

And ringing in my ear