Rifle Noise

It’s 2019 and colonial gunfire can still be heard on the streets of Melbourne…

Below is a summary of correspondence with the council in regards to gunfire noise complaint – The council didn’t know about the intended use of weapons during the Victoria Day Ceremony (1st July 2019).

“I am responding to your feedback about the Victoria Day Ceremony that took place at Melbourne Town Hall on Monday 1 July 2019.

We had received some information through our Public Assembly/ Demonstration notification process of this activity, but no information was provided about the use of firearms. Had the organisers of the ceremony advised us they were using firearms, we would have requested that they notify nearby residents and businesses.

It is unfortunate that the ceremony organiser did not fully outline what was taking place, so City of Melbourne could provide them advice on how best to proceed.

If you have any questions about other activities or events that are taking place in this area, please give me a call.”


Who was the event organiser? 

Are there no consequences, or actions that the city can take in response to this behaviour? 

Best wishes”


We will be following up with Victoria Day organising committee to advise them of the risks posed by having firearms on site, and the alarm it can cause when people are unaware the activity is taking place. We will also direct them to contact Victoria Police, to ensure they are informed of the ceremony from a public safety perspective.

Thanks again for providing feedback on what you experienced yesterday.

Kind Regards”

“Thanks. I’d be really curious to hear their justification for this. 
There is no doubt that choosing to live in the city requires higher tolerance to noise, however, I think that event organisers and the city council should attempt to consider residents and restrict unnecessary noisy activities where it is feasible and possible. 
The Metro Tunnel already takes its toll on my ears and sleep, I want to know why they think shooting is necessary….
Best wishes”.


I have followed up with the organiser of the ceremony, who advised they were in discussions with Victoria Police in the lead up to the Ceremony taking place.

I have advised them for future years, they will need to fully outline what they are planning for the ceremony, so City of Melbourne can advise them on who needs to be notified of the ceremony taking place. We will also investigate if there is any alternatives to having firearms on site as part of the ceremony.

Kind Regards”.


Thank you so much for following up.

It makes a difference to know someone is listening.

The organisers response screams for clarification…

They are saying that they had ”discussions with police…” I’m curious as to how those discussion unfolded. Given the outcome, it appears that police just granted them the authority without putting any restrictions in place? 

if the organiser have spoken to the police, I’m curious to know what kind of advice and guidelines the police gave them about shooting in public places? 

(I don’t believe, and would be very surprised if those were live bullets, but it was startling nonetheless)

Do you have a contact at the police that may be able to answer this question? 

You can see in the picture that there is hardly any pedestrian or crowd management in place…(in other occasions where shots were fired on Swanston street the activity was done during a big parade where the streets were completely closed off and under strict traffic management and heavy police presence.) in this case there were just a couple of guards in suites unsuccessfully trying with the impromptu help of the media crew to prevent people from walking in front of the cameras and the rifles….

To be clear, I don’t think shooting on Swanston street or anywhere else for ceremonial reasons is necessary under any circumstances but I will consider any argument countering my view. I’m yet to encounter one. If people want to wear colonial outfits and celebrate imperialism that’s fine but questionable. When they start shooting, it becomes my problem too”.

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