Justin Bailey

Violin Noise – A Conversation

Afternoon Conversation with Justin Bailey – Audio, 30 Minutes – Interview Recorded on the 2nd August 2019. Music by Justin Bailey – Recorded by Oren Gerassi on Swanston Street, Autumn 2015.

I met Justin on one of those days when the sky was falling. It was a crisp autumn morning in 2015, Yellow leafs blowing lightly in the wind covered the side walk on Swanston street in a moving blanket woven from the stings of melancholy. I sat broken hearted at the town hall bench, staring at the leaves dance in the sun when almost on cue, the sounds of Justin’s violin pierced my heart. I sat there and listened for a while and it cured my sadness. 

Justin inspires me in many ways – other than the musical talent, he is sensitive to the sounds that he produces and acknowledges the fine balance between adding to the soundscape of the city and ruining people’s day.

Justin agreed to chat about noise and music and his experience of the streets of Melbourne.

The music recording in the background is the one from that autumn day back in 2015. He is now improved and matured. Look him up in the streets or online at: 


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