Double Standard Silence

Silence is life.

In a metaphysical sense – Without silence, music is continuous noise, speech is incomprehensible, communication is meaningless. Without silence, it is impossible to appreciate beauty.

Silence is death.

In a physical sense – Lack of motion. A theoretical state of matter at absolute zero – absolute rest – particles are huddled together so tightly, no motion is possible. No vibration. No sound.

Silence is the resting state of matter.

Like sleep is essential for us to function –

Silence is essential for us to understand each other.

Silence is the enabler of speech,

Silence is the cradle of music.

Awkward silence is when air vibrations fail to satisfy our social expectations.

Silent forest is enchanting.

Silent city is eerie.

Silence of lovers is comforting.

Silence of haters is a sign of war.

Look at the sky, the wind stroking a tree.

Look at a human – say nothing – Silence penetrates and teases out abstract emotions words cannot describe.

Silence is confronting. More than noise, which tells me what I hate, or what to beware of – silence allows my mind to enquire – to listen – to love, to long for the sweet sounds of comfort and joy.

Silence is a desire. Sometimes I crave it, so I close my eyes.

While my eyes are shut, the mind is awake, composing pictures of reality from sensations of smell and sound; Hair picks up the direction of the wind, the tongue and nose feel the flavour of air, the gentle touch of a lover lifts the spirits while memories fill the missing gaps.

When the ears close, they never open again. I therefore cling to life, listen and learn from the pleasures of music and noises of pain. The journey towards eternal silence is like that of a farmer anticipating the rain.

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