Bormolikos Music Video

The beauty of faith

Is in the inventiveness of the believer

God said to Moses:

“Eat this dry bread, it is symbolic”

Moses was conflicted. He wanted to follow the word of God, but also wanted to please the Hebrews. They wanted their bread soft.

The cheeky Hebrews soaked the dry bread in some holy water, mixed with eggs and fried it in the pan.

God was angry

But upon seeing the joy of the chosen people, he reconsidered his punishment of burning them in hellfire.

Instead, he thought, I’ll let them in to the land of milk and honey where they will setup their own institutions, interpreting the word of God and forcing it upon other Hebrews and non Hebrews alike.

God was content with this solution. He was amused by the inventiveness of the believers, and giggled when they wrapped themselves in capes and shoved little notes into a wall in Jerusalem to be forgiven for their sins.

Pleased with his plans, God cancelled his Netflix subscription and just watched the tragic comedy of the land of milk and honey, dry bread and eggs.

The gift of Bormolikos was handed to me by my mother on that holy land. I carried the tradition with me to the remote island of lutruwita, burdened by the weight of trying to explain to people why we eat dry biscuits for two weeks of the year.

Happy Passover.

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