A Branch

I left because I wanted to see the world from a different perspective.

I liked what I saw so I stayed.

I left my problems behind and found new problems here.

I left the people I love and found new ones that are near.

I could not return to my roots for I am but a branch of my family tree.

I am at the mercy of the wind and the birds

While the roots are protected by the warmth of the earth.

The roots feel my weight and fill me with sweet memory juice.

In return, I tell them about the stars and the sun and the plants and the bees

I hope to illuminate the darkness under which they are buried.

With all the pain, as a branch, I have no desire to return to the roots.

I want to learn more about life under the southern sky.

I want to flower so that one day I will return to the ground and make a new tree.

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