Self-Commissioned, Semi-Serious Music for Various Reasons

Some fresh and some mouldy sounds from the plague and non-plague times. Compiled specifically for no particular reason other than the reasons listed below. All recorded and mixed in a Melbourne city apartment while following a public health emergency. Total playtime 9:33

The general aim is not to become self-absorbed / obsessed with trying to make a song perfect. Therefore, time management in production is of outmost importance. It can take years and a million dollars to make a shit song. It can take the same to make a good one. It can also cost $10 and a few hours to convey the same message. The process is all about what’s the priorities and who’s paying for it.

A New Normal (1:27)

The main reason for this is an imagined animation flick about seagulls trying to come to terms with reduced human traffic in the city and therefore reduced access chips. It contains Charango, a Bolivian string instrument with 10 strings. Also contains whistling. Written in the evening. Recorded and mixed in the morning. Total time in production – approximately 5 hours.

Sun (2:30)

Stereophonic digital music for the young generation. Over compressed, the music evokes a search for water in a dystopian future on a desolate planet controlled by zombie Instagram influencers. Composed digitally in less than a day. Recorded and mixed quickly due to lack of interest. This is the shorter version.

Sounds Made with a Clarinet (1:33)

The 5 different phrases played and recorded with my clarinet in 2010 as part of a soundtrack to a video campaign for Young Social Pioneers program by the Foundation for Young Australian. It took over a week to please the director and involved many layers and digital manipulations to the sound of the clarinet. Due to the traumatic composition process, the recording was kept in the archive for a decade. It was rediscovered yesterday and stitched together in a rush to bring the lovely atmosphere to life again.

Babaganush (2:22)

Warning. Contains vocoder.
Recorded live while silly. Featuring David Gros on guitar and vocals and Ronen Shoshan on drums and vocals. In Hebrew:
“Ba Bayamim, Ba Balaeylot, Babaganush” Lyrics translate to “Comes in the night, comes in the day, babaganush

Kvisa (0:38)

A short motivational song about the joy of doing the laundry in Hebrew
Contains Bouzouki. Written, recorded and mixed in 2 hours. Lyrics focus on the importance of colour separation as an integral part of a successful load.

Tribute to Gan Hashikmim (1:00)

Made to accompany a short video with footage of Melbourne parks. Based on a song by Arik Sinay. Also contains whistling. Production took just over a day.

More music in the music page:

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