Northern Grampians and Arapiles Climbing

A magical part of the world in Victoria, Australia.

Here I learned to lead climb, fall and confront some of my biggest fears.

Starting as a gym climber, going outdoors with experienced climbers was humbling.

Relationship that begin with holding each others life on a thin rope can go a long way. I found a community that cares for the nature as much as they care for themselves by prioritising safety and low environmental impact.

There is also plenty of boulders which can give one a taste and feel of what climbers say is the best rock in the world.

Climbing log:

Tribute Wall, Maiden China (15) 13m

Tribute Wall, Hot Play (16) 9m

Tribute Wall, Inxcessive (17) 13m

Tribute Wall, Lines N’ Roses (18) 12m

Tribute Wall, In Halen (19) 13m

West Flank, The Hot Zone (22) 22m

West Flank, Nuclear Wasteland (21) 25m

West Flank, The Big Red Button (20) 15m

West Flank, Nuclear Novice (16) 15m

West Flank, Dirty Bomb (17) 15m

Ravine, Hey Youse (18) 18m

Ravine, Point Perpetrator (18) 17m

Wave Wall, The Riddler (18) 15m

Wave Wall, Comm. Gordon (19) 14m

Wave Wall, Poison Ivy (21) 13m

Arapiles, Tiptoe Ridge (5) 120m

Arapiles, Tentalus (8) 34m

Arapiles, Exudus (6) 36m

Arapiles, Revolver Crack (7) 20m

Arapilies, Trooper One (7) 12m

Arapiles, Arachnus (9) 105m

Arapiles, Mesa (10) 25m

Arapiles, Hell For Leather (13) 30m

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